Our Story

It started with the beach.

When we went to the beach that summer our only intention was to have fun.  And boy did we have fun!  We invited our friends and our whole family out to stay at our rented beach house.  This would be the first beach adventure for many of them, including my then 8 month old twins Cooper and Zoe.  

then came the cocktails

Have you ever had a Mudslide with vanilla ice cream?  Well I am not much of a drinker but, man, those things are tasty...and dangerous.  After a few of those one night an innocent conversation about Zoe's hair turned into a rant about the lack of truly great and unique hair products for baby girls.  Next thing I knew my friend Liz and I were pulling out the scissors and any kind of fabric or material we could find.  What we found was a few scraps of felt.  And not just any felt, wool felt.

up to our eyeballs

After much searching for the perfect wool felt we were swimming in the ocean of ideas (not to mention felt scraps and samples).  First came felt hair clips and bands then felt cakes, felt houses and t-shirts.  Let me just say a little about the tees here...

You may be wondering why we boast about wool felt products, but our t-shirts are cotton with an Ultrasuede applique.   The idea for twin t-shirts came about because of my twins, Cooper and Zoe.  When we first made them, the tees had wool felt appliques.  As you may already know, 100% wool felt does not wash well so we had to change that shortly after the 2006 feature in LIFE magazine.  We still carry the tees today because they have been such a huge hit in this richly fertilized society.

we are growing up

As all parents know, watching your babies grow is a wonderfully rewarding experience that is every so often shadowed by a tinge of longing for the goo-goo ga-ga days.  And so it goes with Twinkle Brands.  We began with a tiny company called Twinkle Kids and have grown to offer more than just kids products.  It has been a struggle to give up the old name (Twinkle Kids), but reforming the company as Twinkle Brands gives us the opportunity to expand beyond the kids realm.  After all, I guess we all grow up sometime.


Warmest wishes and thanks to all who have supported us,

Robin Arocha